Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Fishing

No cold, no wind, no storms equal for some great fishing.  Lee, Naples, and a 23 year customer lands  and releases alive a 30 inch snook.  Several more were caught this day but were smaller.  Lee also got to take home some good eating reds, trout, sheephead and drum.  A great everglades fishing day!

Capt. Tony Polizos

Friday, April 25, 2014

Snook Today

Snook are hot and in the backcountry.  All caught on lures (mirrolures and rattlinrouges)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Redfish and Drum

Janice and Capt. Larry (Maine fishing guide) had a hard day fishing the Ten Thousand Islands today due to 20 knot winds.  The waters were muddy but we could fish inside the protected islands.  Pictured is Janice with a nice 10 lb black drum and a 24 inch redfish all caught on shrimp and jig.  The fish were caught near Pavilion Key.  Still, a nice Everglades fishing day.

Capt. Tony Polizos

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Windy Equals Good Fishing

It was a day to hide in the rivers and backcountry for Tom and Gerard, FL, due to the 25 knot NW winds today.  Muddy waters on the outside did not help the fishing.  However, we found clean waters to get some nice sheephead, snook, trout, drum, and redfish.  They caught their limit up to 27 inches of redfish and several of the rest of the species.  The fish were caught on jig and shrimp.  A good Everglades fishing day.

Capt. Tony Polizos

Monday, March 10, 2014

Everglades Fishing

Most of the snook are small from 18inches to 28inches.  However, there are some big ones around .  Or, you can go for something which will pull back such as a nice red or trout.  Sharks are turning on now and some you will not be able to stop.  Guarranteed.

Go catch some over slot reds, large drum, or big trout up to 27 inches.  Who knows, you might net a keeper snook.

Capt. Tony Polizos

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Great Day

You just can't beat an Everglades Fishing Day.  Many reds, snook, black drum, trout, sheephead, and other species were caught this day by Jim and Brandon (Mn).  The black drum pictured weighed in at 12 lbs and the redfish was about 17 lbs (37 inches).  The redfish was over the slot and was released.  Also hooked were large sharks but cut the mono line.  It was easy to get their limits.  The fish were caught on shrimp and jig and RipTide artificials near Lostmans River.

Call this Everglades fishing guide.
Capt. Tony Polizos

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March is Everglades Fishing Month

It was a good everglades fishing day for Robert (AZ) and Don (FL).  They caught their limit of trout up to 27 inches in length.  Most were averaging 19 inches.  They also caught their limit of redfish up to 24 inches.  Black drum were also on the agenda today. 

A great day for everglades fishing!

Capt. Tony Polizos